24 Memes That Are Relatable Or At Least Funny


24 Memes That are Relatable or At Least Funny Making the rest of us look bad. Heyyyy. Just adding a 02, 03, 04, 05 to them. Pockets! Just knocking it down. Do


  1. Posted by yellowflowe0368, — Reply

    thats a couple of my friends and i 😂 we get asked why we are running but we're actually jogging The reason is that we hv to set a fast pace for ourselves so that our stamina doesnt decrease

  2. Posted by NoThanksBitch52, — Reply

    Everyone starts so fast and ALWAYS slow down but I don't wanna look slow so I have to make the same mistake and sprint until they get tired.

  3. Posted by AdelineMAdams, — Reply

    there's this on boy in my class and hes like the shortest kid but he runs like that 8 times around the blacktop and i'm like ?????how????

  4. Posted by Jill20201234, — Reply

    Then you ask why there running so fast and they say it’s just a jog and your left speechless because your not very athletic

  5. Posted by 13grace7, — Reply

    That is so me..... but when I’ve finished I need a solid 2 mins rest cos I can’t breath so it’s not all good 😂

  6. Posted by ClickerShoot, — Reply

    Oh my GOSH this is true. 😆 This annoying kid back in 3rd grade always ran fast to impress tiny children

  7. Posted by learner24, — Reply

    “WhAt tOok YoU gUys So LonG?”

  8. Posted by aeviertel, — Reply

    Literally ask I think if was the 'when bonzi loses fonzi' meme by 5sos. is that bad?

  9. Posted by dgtucker10, — Reply

    When one of the athletic runner kids is me😂

  10. Posted by ajmason0927, — Reply

    I always feel silently judged by these people...

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