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“never posted my tattoo so here it is🐍”


  1. Posted by evelynkenee, — Reply

    That had to of hurt, considering you have to go over colors multiple times and ahhh it’s on her spine😖

  2. Posted by rachealprathepan, — Reply

    uhm this just called me fat in like 38 different languages

  3. Posted by kimyurileee, — Reply

    Can we just Admire and appreciate her waist? Lol

  4. Posted by Namjoonie4eva, — Reply

    I would love to get a tattoo like this when I come of age. It’s so beautiful 😍

  5. Posted by aglougie, — Reply

    A friend of mine got this same exact tattoo. Just beautiful!

  6. Posted by merp632, — Reply

    I’m jealous of people with nice backs

  7. Posted by kypele, — Reply

    This is giving me Marvel's Iron Fist vibes

  8. Posted by jkyahmoore03, — Reply

  9. Posted by 1995brendao, — Reply

    Is there a meaning to the tattoo or no?

  10. Posted by kat_014, — Reply

    how is she sooo skinny??

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